About Employer Sponsored Care

We integrate our unique early learning and child care model with exceptionally high-quality centres based conveniently in or near CBD workplace locations to support companies who wish to assist their employees in managing the challenges of balancing home and work commitments.

Our range of flexible and beneficial partnership options – spanning childcare, vacation care and employee-sponsored care – empower companies and organisations to demonstrate to their employees that they are both highly valued and supported when it comes to returning to work.

Our sponsor families benefit from:

  • A no-fuss all-inclusive service in convenient locations to their workplaces that provides everything children require during their time at our centres.
  • Dedicated drop-off car park spaces or well-situated public transport options for the majority of our centres.
  • A reduction in stress involved in transitioning back to work from maternity leave and peace of mind to focus on work.
  • Options to enjoy breakfast with your child at the centre and visit throughout the day.

Our Corporate Partners experience:

  • A notable reduction in staff turnover and improved job satisfaction scores.
  • Improved productivity by ensuring there isn’t a rushed commute to pick children up.
  • Flexible and scaleable partnership options.
  • Dedicated Guardian account and enrolment management teams.
  • Provision of marketing materials specific to the corporation and on-site promotional sessions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly corporate enrolments team at corp.enrolments@guardian.edu.au or on 1 300 025 007.