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Controlling the Chaos – Managing Difficult Behaviours – Caringbah

This parent information evening will focus on providing up-to-date, current, and expert advice, to families, to support parenting.

Managing difficult behaviours is a great challenge for parents these days. Parents are constantly looking for practical strategies and useful suggestions on managing difficult behaviours.

Our hugely successful parent presentation, “Controlling the Chaos — Managing Difficult Behaviours” will be presented at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Caringbah by Dr Hartman.

The presentation will focus on common challenging behaviours in young children (e.g sleeping, eating, tantrums) and strategies, which are useful in modifying these behaviours.

Participants will gain understanding in:

Dr Hartman’s practical advice comes from many years of experience as a professional & as a parent.

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Tuesday 13th November 2018

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