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At Guardian we embrace play-based learning to spark your child’s curiosity and build their confidence, empowering them to see the world through a lens of possibility.

A child’s brain develops faster in the first five years than any other time in their life. Whether your child is six weeks or six years old, we create learning experiences that support their development and unlock their boundless potential.

At Guardian we are passionate about the role we play in the lives of our children. We strive to open up the world around them to inspire their creativity and optimise their development during their time with us. The children guide the way with their questioning minds, and our Educators are their navigators, helping them develop a range of skills – from numeracy and literacy to creative thinking and problem-solving – to prepare them for the next stage in their educational journey.

To achieve this, Guardian…

The Guardian Curriculum

We are committed to forming genuine, nurturing relationships with your child,  and focus on their unique interests and learning styles to support their development in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable for them. We are proud to accompany children on their adventures as they explore and learn more about the world around them.

Every child develops differently and at their own speed, so our Curriculum, focusing on literacy, numeracy, language, science, art and music, social skills and problem-solving, is flexible to accommodate your child’s changing needs. To read more about how our learning programs come to life for different ages, click here.

Respectful, open and honest interactions with our children, the wider community and the environment guide our practice. This means communication, sustainability and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. We believe children are global citizens with rights, so we empower them to express themselves in multiple ways. And we celebrate diversity and uniqueness by embracing an array of cultural customs and building a strong relationship with our local communities.

Guardian and the Reggio Emilia Approach

Inspired by the educational philosophies of Reggio Emilia, the Guardian approach focuses on:

We ensure children have some control over the direction of their learning, and are guided through a range of experiences that include touching, moving, listening and observing. Relationships with other children and with material items allow them to explore and discover endless ways to express themselves.

By listening to children, we encourage their ability to wonder and inquire. In the schools of Reggio Emilia it’s referred to as the ‘hundred languages of children’. This respect and understanding instils a sense of empowerment and self-identity, as they learn that their unique ways of viewing and being in the world will be supported.

Read more about the Hundred Languages of Children

Reflections on Reggio

To support our Educators in their own professional development, Guardian offers yearly study trips to Reggio Emilia to immerse them in this approach. This allows Educators to not only further their own learning but to bring the knowledge and inspiration gained back to our centres.

Our Educators

We pride ourselves on our highly qualified and caring Educators at Guardian. They are a team of certified early childhood education specialists, dedicated to providing children with the best start in life through loving care and learning development.

Our Educators take the time to get to know your child – their unique interests, personalities and developmental stages. We collaborate with our families to help deepen learning opportunities with experiences that relate back to their home environments.

Your child will be supported in their development and we regularly communicate with families on how their child is progressing and on their day-to-day experiences at the centre both in person and through our specialised app, StoryPark.

To ensure our Educators are the best in the industry, we provide them with an extensive peer network in which to share ideas, as well as plenty of training and professional development opportunities.

Educators at Guardian

What makes our Educators special?

It takes a unique set of skills, passions and attributes to make a fantastic Educator. Our screening and interview processes ensure that the best possible Educators are working at our centres. Here’s what makes our Educators so special:

  • They are highly trained early learning professionals who care deeply about each and every one of the children in their care.
  • They create meaningful play-based experiences for children that will both challenge them and extend their learning.
  • They have an understanding of the Reggio Emilia ApproachBoulder Journey School and Guardian Curriculum.
  • They’re ambitious, with a desire to further themselves professionally through ongoing training and development days.

Environments and Resources

Environments at Guardian

Our centres are custom-designed to support your child’s individual emotional, physical and cognitive needs during their journey with us. Our centres have high educator to child ratios, and we place a high importance on providing secure, clean and welcoming spaces that build a sense of belonging for children and their families.

Through our carefully planned environments we inspire curiosity, foster creativity and support discovery with a variety of sensory-rich spaces. Interior environments are comfortable and cosy and reflect the unique personality of the centre. With children’s works clearly on display and resources placed at children’s height, we give children a sense of ownership of the space.

Children have plenty of room to move and explore with extended outdoor play spaces and natural environments to accommodate their growing and inquisitive bodies. Many of our centres are custom-built to maximise natural light and to promote interaction with natural materials and plants wherever possible.

Loose parts at Guardian

Our materials and resources

At our centres, children are provided with a wide range of resources and materials to inspire their learning and development. We place a focus on using nature-inspired, open-ended materials that encourage creativity, problem-solving and physical development. These loose parts can also be used for a variety of purposes depending on a child’s own developmental level and age.

Why loose parts?

Loose parts at Guardian

There are many reasons why play spaces should include a multitude of loose parts. Here are just a few:

  • Loose parts can be used any way children choose
  • They can be adapted and manipulated in many ways
  • Loose parts encourage creativity and imagination
  • They help to develop more skills and competence than most modern plastic toys
  • Loose parts encourage open-ended learning.

What Learning Looks Like
at Different Ages

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