Respectful, open and honest interactions guide all that we do at Guardian, and community is integral to everyday life in our centres.

From excursions exploring the local community to celebrating a world of cultures in our centres, our practices and programs focus on collaboration, diversity, uniqueness and experiences that open up a world of possibilities.

Creating community connections is an important part of daily life at our centres. We work hard to build relationships both within centres and the world around us. Excursions are a key aspect of Guardian’s Curriculum. Venturing out into the local area allows children to explore the world around them, form their identities and feel a part of a community. Visits to the local library, primary school and art gallery, as well as hosting fundraising events, provide rich and varied learning experiences that develop community-minded citizens.

Our Educators bring unique skills, experiences and cultures to their roles, providing learning opportunities ranging from language lessons to cultural celebrations. Each centre is as unique as its Educators and children.

Our Communication App: StoryPark

To help you stay connected with your child and their Educators, we use communication app StoryPark. This secure and private app allows Educators to post updates on your child’s day, complete with photos and videos that share learning and development stories and communicate important news to you in real time.

How does StoryPark help your child?

StoryPark offers:

  • Deeper insights into your child’s unique interests, needs and abilities, which allows better support and improved outcomes.
  • Improved communication between Educators and families.
  • Enables Educators to spend their time with your child more effectively.
  • Helps your child define ‘what’s next’ in their learning.
  • Shares movement, song and creative expression through audio and visual elements.
  • Actively involves grandparents, family and close friends.

This free app for families also gives you the ability to share your own stories, both with Educators and your family, and you can become co-learners alongside your child while you both reflect on experiences and learnings at your centre.

StoryPark’s two-way communication allows for collaboration between families and Educators, resulting in richer, more individualised learning opportunities for every child.

Communication is Key

Collaborating with families ensures children’s routines – such as nap times – remain consistent from home to centre. We work closely with families, so whether your child is toilet training, learning to self-feed or beginning to write, we keep the consistency going. We value your input into the learning programs and the sharing of your ideas, skills, talents and resources. We love to have a chat during pick-up and drop-off times and will communicate with you regularly via emails, newsletters, noticeboards and letters.

What Learning Looks Like
at Different Ages

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