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Working Together at Wanniassa

28th March 2018

Guardian Early Learning Wanniassa

Guardian Early Learning Centre – Wanniassa has been a fixture in the local community since opening their doors in August 2015. Through respecting each child for their individual abilities, strengths and interests, educators create play-based learning experiences for all children that not only challenge and stimulate their minds, but also opens the door to a lifelong love of learning.

The team at Wanniassa understand the importance of working together with families. Centre Manager, Michelle McCabe says, “We understand and are compassionate about working in partnership with families in educating and caring for their children, as we know parents and other family members, are the first and primary teachers in a child’s life.”

The environment also plays an important part of a child’s development. “We have open plan learning spaces, which enables children to learn and challenge themselves at a variety of levels,” comments Michelle. “Not only do we offer learning experiences for children of all ages, we also offer a safe and secure environment while making the children’s individual personal needs a priority as well.”

Creating a more sustainable future

As part of the wider Guardian ethos, there is a focus on sustainability at a centre level. It is believed that if we embed a respect for the environment in children, they will grow to be citizens who care about the impact they have on the world around them. Michelle says, “Children are encouraged to take part in sustainable practices so that they can then share with their families and incorporate what they’ve learnt not only while at the centre but also in their homes.”

Building relationships and meaningful interactions

Interactions between the team at Guardian Wanniassa and children are warm and caring, with children treated in a respectful manner at all times. Michelle notes, “Educators wait to be invited to join spontaneous activities that have been initiated by the children thus allowing children to take ownership of their own learning while respecting the rights of the child.”

The centre also spends time connecting with the traditional owners of the land and has a member of the local Indigenous community who comes in once a month and teaches both children and educators about Australia’s Aboriginal history.

Meet the Centre Manager, Michelle McCabe

Michelle has worked in the early learning professions for 19 years and started with Guardian in 2015 as she believed in Guardian’s educational philosophy and values. Her love of children started her career and she quickly discovered that educating and caring for young children is a very rewarding career.

“Knowing that you have played a large part in helping children to reach different developmental milestones while also learning new life skills and helping them to develop a love of learning from a young age is a wonderful feeling. Children deserve the best start in their early learning and that is what I believe Guardian offers.”

A feature in the local paper!

Recently, Guardian Wanniassa was featured in the local paper. Check out the article below:

City News Wanniassa

Learn more about Guardian Early Learning – Wanniassa

Find out more about this amazing early learning centre in the ACT here. We invite you to take a tour and explore the centre and meet the educators for yourself!

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