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A Visit to the National Art Gallery of Australia

22nd May 2017

Guardian Early Learning Centre - Bruce

The pre-schoolers at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Bruce have been exploring the exciting world of art in recent weeks. Sandi, the Preschool educator has been facilitating experiences in the room regarding art and what artists do (with the children asking extensive questions about this).

A couple of weeks ago, the children went on an excursion to the National Art Gallery of Australia which has sparked even greater interest in the subject. From learning about Van Gogh to Indigenous art, it’s an ongoing and exciting project at Bruce.

Educator Sandi shares their experience with us…

As the Preschoolers continue to show an ever-growing interest in art, educators have provided a range of opportunities for them to explore new art concepts.

During our visit to the National Art Gallery of Australia, some of the children were very interested in the shadow room and asked about where shadows come from. This led to many activities and opportunities learning about shadows. Educators decided to use both of these strong interests; art and shadows to create a new and exciting opportunity for the children to continue learning about art and artists, as well as light and shadows.

Guardian Early Learning Centre - Bruce

Educators used the Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ image as this is one of the Preschool’s favourite art pieces. Educators placed this image onto our light projector and added white material that the image projected onto. The children were then provided with a range of coloured paints and were free to paint. Educators guided this activity through their conversations with each child about the image the child could notice.

Most of the children were able to recognise this painting as ‘Starry Night’ and were also able to share with educators the artist’s name who painted this famous painting.

Many children decided to place colours according to where they could see each colour in the shadow, supporting them to paint the Starry Night scene. Some children were very particular and purposeful where they placed each colour and were very careful about following the shadow.

Guardian Early Learning Centre - Bruce

As the children painted, they learnt about light and how shadows can be blocked depending on where they positioned themselves near the light. Most of the children found that painting to the side helped them to see the shadow projection a lot easier as the light was not obstructed by their body.

Throughout this painting experience, the children were able to share their ideas about the artist and the painting as well as what they liked about it. They were also encouraged to discuss some of the other art pieces they like at the art gallery.

This experience has provided the children with the opportunity to not only extend on their interest in painting and shadows, but to combine the two and learn how to paint a shadow.

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Guardian Early Learning – Bruce is a wonderful childcare centre in the ACT. With custom-designed environments, caring educators and plenty of fun and insightful projects, this centre is a popular early learning centre in the local community. To find out more about the centre, or to book yourself in for a tour, head here.

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