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A Celebration of Culture at Moorabbin

4th May 2017

Guardian Early Learning – Moorabbin childcare centre in Melbourne

This childcare centre in Melbourne has a strong sense of culture and community. Being a part of the local area for many years, the team at Moorabbin have formed true bonds with the community and families and have created a childcare centre that is known and loved.

Acting Director, Emelia Wong says, “We are like family at Guardian Moorabbin. Many parents have commented on how warm and homey our centre is,” and it certainly feels this way as soon as you walk into the centre.

The majority of the team has been with Guardian Early Learning Centre – Moorabbin for three years with a few being at the centre for four to seven. This long-standing team come from many different backgrounds including China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Israel, Russia, Australia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, just to name a few. They bring with them many different ideas, experiences and perspectives and ensure there is a love and respect for multiculturalism at the centre.

Emelia comments, “We celebrate all types of culture and special events.” She goes on to say, “The children are extremely proud and happy to have their culture and background celebrated by all their friends and educators in the room. The families are happy with this as well. It creates a stronger welcoming environment.”

To further the children’s immersion in the different cultures at the centre, Guardian Early Learning Centre – Moorabbin currently have ongoing Mandarin lessons every Tuesday in Kinder. “It is a fun play-based class which the children are really enjoying,” says Emelia.

In addition to the Mandarin lessons, there is also a music and movement class every Friday for all the rooms. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity for children to develop a range of skills including cognitive, social and motor skills, the children also have so much fun engaging in all the music and dancing.

Fluffy the centre’s pet rabbit is a part of the family. He is extremely friendly and acts just like a pet dog! Fluffy goes back to the family’s home every weekend which is affectionately called ‘Fluffy’s Weekend Getaway’ and parents can book him to take home and look after.

There are many projects and programs happening at Moorabbin and the team would love to show you around, so if you’re looking for a childcare centre in Melbourne, why not book yourself in for a tour?

Learn more about Guardian Early Learning Centre – Moorabbin

This centre is like a home away from home for many of the centre’s families. Many of the enrolments to Moorabbin is largely due to recommendations from families past and present and we pride ourselves on the warm and welcoming team of educators at the centre. With large outdoor spaces, clean and resource-rich indoor spaces, Guardian Early Learning Centre – Moorabbin is a wonderful place for children to thrive. Book yourself in for a tour today!

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