Celebrating the
Wonder of Learning

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Every day at Guardian, we celebrate childhood… the magic, the wonder, the endless possibilities. Here are some of the ways we help children thrive.

The Adventure Begins at Guardian

At Guardian, we celebrate childhood…
the magic
the wonder
the endless possibilities
and the sense of adventure

We love and care for the children and guide them as they explore and learn so they are ready for the next stage of their life.

One Thing Leads to Another

There’s never a dull moment at Guardian. Each day is filled with movement. A thought will spark a question, which inspires another thought. Before you know it, together we’re uncovering an entire world that has been inspired by a single idea – bringing our teaching to the places a child’s mind takes us.

At Guardian, we see how important it is to encourage a child’s belief that anything is possible. So, when they’re flying a plane, it’s our job to be co-pilot. When they’re designing a house, we’re the builder. And while they’re the explorers, it’s our job to be the navigators.

We are Guardian.

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